Happy Day Day

May 11, 2017

Dear Baby,

Right now I’m watching you sleep on your monitor and calming down from a video I watched about babies being born. Don’t tell your dad but I would have 4 more of you if I wasn’t getting old as fuck. There is nothing in the world I love more.

And you my baby? You are the cream of the crop. I think I’ve told you how your words have been literally exploding. We are at the point where I can’t even keep up with what you say although I can thankfully understand you (most of the time.) To the point, my favourite song has had a remake because you can’t seem to slow down your words. For the past few months – I think since our dogs birthday mid March, you have been obsessed with singing “happy birthday.” But of course, in your hilarious way, it was never actually “happy birthday” but instead was “happy day day.”


Be cuter.

But then yesterday in the blink of an eye, the song got a facelift and turned into a very clear “Happy Birthday.” This made me really proud and then also really emotional (really? imagine that) because it means that you are growing up and absorbing and learning more. All I can tell you is the day that “Boo-day-day” becomes plain old “blueberry” or “beam” becomes “cream,” I am going to fucking lose it.



Happy Day Day

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