A Getaway

April 9, 2017

Dear Baby,

K, we are home now from our weekend away from you. Here’s what I can tell you. I was nervous to leave you. REAL nervous. Your dad and I have gone away independently leaving only one parent with you for a maximum of 2 days but NEVER have we left you alone with anyone else together. This was a big deal.

It had to happen for several reasons. The top 2 being that first, we are about to have another baby and the times we will have to get away alone (or even just be alone) in the next while are minimal at best. Second, although your dad and I do a lot to enjoy and respect our relationship and we didn’t need the time together per say, I believe it’s important to work on your relationship after having a baby so that you don’t become people who watch TV in separate rooms every night for the rest of your lives.

So, with hesitation, we left you with my parents ( your grandparents, obviously) and were 40 minutes away at Langdon Hall. I’ll be honest. The Friday we left I could NOT relax. I kept thinking about you and worrying about you and then thinking about you… I felt so not present and then annoyed with myself for not being present. But by Saturday we had really begun to chill the fuck out with the help of a massage, facial, nature hike and the best fucking food on this planet.

Seriously Baby, one day when you are older and wouldn’t be bored by having nothing to do all day, we will take you to this place and you will totally love it. It’s like the ultimate relaxation indulgence in total opulence with tons of rich people. Suffice to say that your dad and I didn’t pack according to the seemingly universal dress code of “preppy” and our hoodies were WAY out of scope. Whoops!

In the meantime, you were fine. You had a good weekend with your grandparents (minus the double ear infection that was brewing and subsequently erupted on the Tuesday following our return) and you didn’t seem traumatized at all by our absence.

The truth: maybe one day we will change our tunes and have a whole different perspective on vacations and I say this knowing that our opinion is NOT the norm but Baby, vacationing without you wasn’t as amazing as I thought it might be. We missed you and I would give up a million fancy dinners and perfect prenatal massages to spend time just watching you go down a slide 40000000 times. So far, to date, I don’t require a break from you for any more time than about an hour here and there.

Ug, mom. So lame. Ok, fine. Don’t come with us on our next trip. See if I care. Kidding, you’re coming.



A Getaway

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