The Delivery

February 10, 2017

Dear Baby,

I wish I could culminate our IKEA saga with a fulfilling ending but alas, the delivery was as annoying as the rest of the process. The only saving grace is our awesome new closet system and the beginning of a huge and hopefully satisfying series of purges to happen in our house. I want to get rid of absolutely everything and bid adieu to the clutter.

It could be the baby brain “nesting” thing talking but I just want a home that is functional and organized and I feel like we have become so complacent in our disorder that we need a shake up to really get our shit together.

And it also brings me back to that podcast/ documentary I got into on minimalism ad how much clutter can make us unhappy. I’m not unhappy but I can see how fucking relieving it is to just get rid of things that no longer serve you.

So for example, this purge, I finally got rid of all my old jeans from pre-pregnancy. I had a whole stack of jeans that fit me before I had you that I was hanging on to assuming that I would fit into them one day. Now, they were pretty nice and expensive jeans but heres the thing; firstly, I may never fit into them again or want to wear them again. Second, when I want new jeans again, I can just go get new jeans again. I don’t need to cling to these pants that take up a whole shelf of my life for the possibility that in a year I can put them on if I even like them still or want to.

Plus, the added bonus to purging your shit is that you can give it to people who will want it. My clothes that I have outgrown (either physically or taste wise) get to be enjoyed with fresh eyes, our furniture goes to people who are just starting their new lives and need a comfy couch to sit on at the end of their day and our blender goes to a home where they have no blender but have been curious about blending. So everyone wins.

Anyways, I realize this is a pretty boring post but the point of it is to remind you that getting rid of your belongings in an appropriate way can be super liberating. Don’t cling to your past crap (unless it is super sentimental or important)- make space for space and make space for new.




The Delivery

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