15 Months: A roundup

December 18, 2016
Dear Baby,
Wow. 15 months have gone by and you are well on your way to becoming a full fledge person. You say words, you walk like a normal human and every day we see more and more of your personality coming out.
If you knew how much you looked like your dad it would possibly be unsurprising that you are also a lot like him and then a lot like you. It’s amazing to see you do things and enjoy things that are unique to you and your taste. Like, you have a taste… that’s so weird because you are a pint sized person. But in my effort to respect you as the individual. I have to respect all the little nuances that make you, you and roll with them.
Here’s what you are like right now:
You are a brick shit house. You went from being this delicate little thing to this robust and quite solid little girl and if there is something for you to climb, jump on, jump off or just bash into, you have found it. You love to move and nothing seems to really faze you. You were recently kicked in the head by another kid and just kept doing you. NO BIG DEAL.
You love music. It’s incredible. We put on music and you dance your little face off. You have this hilarious groove and if we say “shimmy shimmy shake” you will literally shimmy shimmy shake your shoulders and booty.
You are determined. As fuck. When you want blueberries and we feed you chicken, you’ll be damned if you wont get your little hands on those blueberries. You are persistent and kind of whiny when you want your way but nothing can veer you off your track when you set your sights on something. Especially blueberries.
You are hilarious. You laugh all the time and you seek to make other people laugh which is perhaps my favorite thing you do. As if you are only totally delighted if everyone around you is equally delighted which in your presence, they usually are.
You love books. Seriously, I don’t know a kid who can just sit there flipping through books for as long as you do. We can sit you down and spend 20 minutes making dinner and you are happy as a clam just quiet with your books. Bonus points to us if we read to you- which happens a lot in our house. Extra cute points to you for climbing on our laps any time you want a story read.
I feel like a total fucking loser when I tell people that I love hanging out with you but the truth is, I do. I find your company to be really awesome and now that we can chat (using about 15-20 words on repeat) it is even better.
My hope for you is that you keep all these cool traits that make you unique. ALways be fearless and move your body, dance like no one is watching, go after your dreams (or blueberries), laugh often and read everything.


15 Months: A roundup

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