One Man, One Sad, sad Story

November 9, 2016

Dear Baby,

Today is a bad day. It’s a bad day to be the mother of a small, fragile and unsuspecting female. It’s a bad day to be a citizen of this world. 

We sit in the aftermath of the American election and watch the debris settle to reveal an unqualified, disgusting, racist, misogynist and hateful man beat out a talented, educated, experienced, caring and capable woman. 

There should have been no contest. 

The fact that it was and that it ended up the way it did is a profound blow to women everywhere who now see on a huge scale how far we still have to come. 

When we have talked about wage inequality or rape culture or abortion or any women’s rights this year it has been tempered by the knowledge that a woman would win the American presidential election and show us all just what women are made of. 

Her loss is our loss. It shows that men are still more powerful than women, that rape culture prevails and that you can chalk up sexually harassing or violent comments to “locker talk,” it shows that many still believe that a woman does not have the right to make decisions about her own body and that in general we don’t stand a chance against fucking pig men who spew dangerous and ludicrous shit out of their ass holes. 

In the wake, you should know this: you are never less than. You are never a second class citizen and you deserved every opportunity that you dream of for yourself- WHATEVER THAT MAY BE. From president to homemaker- the choices are yours to make freely and with a full heart. 

Don’t let this be an indicationto you of what you or we are capable of. This was a fucking embarrassing travesty and there will be a real price to pay for a collective stupidity and ignorance. 

Believe in Beyoncé. Who run the world? Girls. In due time. 

Sorry about the state of affairs that your precious little self woke up to this am. If I could protect you any more, I would. 



One Man, One Sad, sad Story

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