One thing

November 4, 2016

Dear Baby,

One thing I have been dreading is the day that I have been told is inevitable where you will fall in love with dad and mom will be an afterthought. Mom’s of little girls have told me to beware and beware I have. 

This is why I can’t help but take emence pleasure in your recent obsession with “mama.”

Fact: I think you just like saying the word. 

Fiction: I hear you say “mama” and I assume you want me and only me to do everything with and for you and that you hail me as your one and only. 

Delusional? Maybe. Hopeful? Definitely. 

Because Baby, your love and adoration is all I can ask for. I birthed you, raised you and fed you and now to hear those sweet 2 syllables with the offering of a juicy kiss is the greatest thank you ever. 

Please like me for always. I will try so hard to be the awesome mom you want but if I fail, give me some slack. I can’t even fucking express enough how much I want us to just be happy and love each other the way we do right now forever. 

But also, can you stay as amazingly cute and precious? That will help.

Let’s freeze time, ok?

Seriously. Be nice to your “mama” because she loves you like no one in the world can. 

That is all. 



One thing

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