One nap

November 1, 2016

Well, the time has come and we are here at the point of your new one nap life. I can hardly complain as this came about because you were sleeping in too late every morning to have a proper morning nap. No parent can complain about a kid that sleeps in. 

No parent can complain when sleep in means 8:30-9am. Ok, unicorn baby. You win. You’re awesome. 

So new life is a crazy every day sleep in and then a full fun morning together with a long afternoon nap. This is life I can get behind. 

Not only do I sleep more than a teenager, I also get SO MUCH time to spend with you which is just my favourite thing in the entire planet. Winning. 

Baby, like your parents and some grandparents, I hope you always sleep as gorgeously as you do now. The ability to sleep is a fucking superpower and you should be thrilled that you got it. Better than x-ray vision? I should say so. 

So sweet dreams my little baby. We have a big full day again tomorrow so rest up. 



One nap

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