3 More Days of my Baby

September 15, 2016

Dear Baby,

Today we had the most wonderful treat of having a wonderful photographer capture us as a family to kick off your birthday celebration. We doned coordinated chambray outfits and met at High Park for the shoot. 

I’m so glad we waited until you were older to do these pictures. They were intended as a newborn shoot but quite honestly, I think newborns are kind of creepy and how many pictures of a blob baby does one really need in their lives? Right? I’m sure you will have seen more than enough of you as baby blob in you time. You can thank the smartphone for that. 

I hope you know by now that what you look like physically is very little of what defines you and that true beauty is on the inside. That being said Baby, today you took my fucking breath away with how incredibly adorable you were. Watching the photographer capture you as you say in the grass with the lake in the background was amazing. 

And yes, I do find you to be super adorable- in my eyes you are the most beautiful baby that has ever existed but also, you have such a beautiful and happy soul that radiates through you. Your happiness makes you shine. 

The thing about happiness is that it is contagious and infectious and unlike gross baby shit like roseola, you want this kind of infliction. Happiness makes you feel better and look better and it radiates all over everyone around you. 

Of course it is any parents wish for their child to be happy as it is mine for you. But moreover, I wish for you to keep that happy soul that you have demonstrated to us this year. You have a happiness that radiates from your insides. 

If you can keep it, you will find that it will inspire and touch your own life and the lives around you. That it will cause people to be happy in your presence and that it will cure the blues. 

Things will be sad and hard and yucky and bad. This is for sure. Don’t lose your happiness in the face of these challenges. Don’t forget to look on the bright side of things and to try and find a way to enjoy moments that seem totally shitty. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Let that light be you. 

Love you my big girl. 



3 More Days of my Baby

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