A night without a baby

August 4, 2016

Dear Baby,

After a full week of being sick with a totally gross cold it was time to go on a trip that I had been planning for some time. It was me, my girlfriend and a date with the spa for an overnight getaway. My very first since having you. 

I was both excited and terrified. Excited to be away and to get some time to just be with a friend completely uninterrupted and terrified to leave you. Would you be ok? Would you miss me? 

I have to say that the whole thing went down pretty seamlessly. The night away was lovely. I relaxed, took a hammock nap, got a massage and really enjoyed some girl time over wine and cheese. We hiked and swam and just chilled. 

I also have to say that the time away really showed me how much I love my life with you. Yes, it was nice not to have to plan my every move around naps and food and poo but the truth is that I don’t mind those things one bit. It was a good reminder that my life with you isn’t that stressful to begin with. 

It was also a nice reminder to how much I really trust your dad. I didn’t feel the need to check up on you every five seconds because I really knew that you were in good hands. Sure, he fed you grilled cheese and fries as a meal but it wouldn’t be “cool dad time” without a little indulgence. It is easy to get the time that you need when you have someone so capable in your life. 

But boy did I want to come home to you by the end. 

Massaged, slept, exercised and tanned I was ready. 

Because sitting here listening to you sing in your crib (instead of nap) and waking up to your amazing little face making snake sounds is a thousand times more rejuvenating than any spa day ever. 

I am such a loser. 

But I love you. 



A night without a baby

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