This is what it Sounds like when Babies Cry. 

June 19,2016

Happy Father’s Day. Well Baby, I think it’s suffice to say that you have a real knack for drama. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that between your dad and I, you are bound to be the most dramatic little lady around. Both of us are natural born performers and you have only proven yourself to be equal if not better in your 9 months with us.

You rang in Father’s Day by putting your daddy to work. For the first time in a LONG time, you work up at around midnight crying. This literally never happens to us so we were a bit flustered. We figured, oh- well it’s just this little thing. Maybe you had a bad dream or something startled you. No biggie. Well Baby, BIGGIE. From midnight onwards you were up and at em every hour. EVERY SINGLE HOUR.

Now I know that a lot of parents still wake with their babies at night. I know that we are very lucky (poo poo poo) that you sleep as well as you do but in our defence it is very hard to adjust to a waking baby when you haven’t had to in months. It is a bit jarring to spend a sleepless night after you are used to getting rest. I was only thankful that we had decided to not spend the night getting winoed like we did the previous night. Wine buzzed and unslept mom would have been gross.

By morning (and by morning I mean 5am when your dad “woke” for his Father’s Day golf treat that no longer probably felt like a treat but more like a terrible punishment) we were just spent. Typical you woke up (again) for the last time of the night with a fucking smile plastered on your face. Baby, WTF. Who smiles like that after such a terrible night?

The morning was uneventful and filled with a brunch but by afternoon, you were again not yourself. We took your temperature, discovered a fever, cancelled our Father’s Day BBQ and PRAYED that this wasn’t the start of multiple sleepless nights for us.

And what’s all the fuss about you ask? Teething. Mother. Fucking. Teething.

On the one hand it is like, great- now we can just spend the next 2 years dealing with your teeth. But on the other hand my heart breaks for you because it must be so hard to be in pain and just not know why. Your poor little gums.

So, with that we enter the phase of you getting teeth and bid adieu to your dad’s first Father’s Day. And here’s what I thought we could all learn fro the experience: Birthdays, Father’s Days, any celebratory day is just that, a day. It is really important to honor and celebrate the people in your life that you love because you never know what someones “special day” will bring. Because you love and bring so much joy to your dad every day, it was no big deal to have such a crap Father’s Day (which by the way is such an annoying Hallmark holiday- but I digress completely…)

I think the best thing you can do is appreciate and enjoy the people around you every moment that you can and then cross your fingers and hope for clear skies and painless mouths on their designated celebration days.

In the meantime, I’m going to bed SUPER FUCKING early in case you decide to grace us with your symphony at 1 am. I’ll be there for you but I won’t be happy about it.




This is what it Sounds like when Babies Cry. 

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