9 Month- a Roundup

June 18, 2016

Dear Baby,

It’s pretty crazy to think we are nearing a point where you have been out as long as you were in me. I say this probably on every post but time passing is never more evident and visible then when you have a baby.

As we reflect on your 9 months here I can say that every time I think you have done the best thing ever, something new happens and it’s like, who even care about that old thing. We watched older videos of you the other day and there was one when you first started grabbing your foot. We were delighted. Now it seems like you never didn’t grab that foot and we are on to way bigger things like crawling and standing.

Babies are this amazing reminder to us that tiny little things like just knowing that you have a toe is a fucking miracle. It helps put other shit- and I mean shit- into perspective.

At 9 months you have truly begun to show your funny little personality and it is just as I imagined it to be.

Unsurprisingly, you love to be loud. I’m sure he still is but currently your dad wins the prize every single time for loudest guy in a room. The man has pipes and I’m pretty sure he has little to no volume control. No wonder you spend a good chunk of everyday screaming babbles. It’s hard to get a word in otherwise- trust me, I know.

But more than loud, you are funny. Not like, I’m a lame mom and just think my kid is so funny but actually funny. The screaming for example, happens most when no one is looking at you. You are an attention lover and make sure to tell everyone when you need all eyes on you (aka all of the time). You love being surprised (which is awesome because one of my favourite things to do is startle people) and you laugh a lot. Like a lot.

You are totally on the move and surprisingly coordinated (you def get that from your dad as well since I can barely walk let alone anything else.) Currently you are obsessed with pulling yourself up to standing and practicing walking while holding our hands. What could be cuter than this peanut of a person waddling around?

Overall I can say that 9 months is pretty damn good and as much as I loved being pregnant (yes, really) it is WAY better to have you on the outside with us.

Happy 9 months, Baby.



9 Month- a Roundup

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