Baby Bites

June 11, 2016

Dear Baby,

You got your first tooth today!!! I am so excited for you and so happy to see that tiny white nubbin popping through your little gums. It is the total highlight of my week. 

So far the only indication that you were teething was the tooth itself, which is awesome because I hear that teething can be a real bitch. 

So prior to your dental delights, this week your friend caught “hand foot and mouth” disease. A virus aptly and disgustingly names for the blisters that come up on the hands, feet and inside the mouth. It sounds like the fucking grossest thing I can imagine. I’m sure it is. 

So of course, hearing that your friend has this virus we go into full panic mode thinking that for sure you will get it too. We start to debate what we should do- should we cancel all our plans? Do we assume you are sick until proven otherwise? I call the doctor, I call my mother, I call some friends. 

The feedback is unanimous. Stop being stressed out. Kids are total Petri dishes and they get sick all the damn time, usually with really gross stuff. 

Well hot potato!

It’s hard to go through things and throw caution to the wind. To know that something bad could happen and not try and beat anticipate it but it is truly not the way to be. 

To cancel all our plans and just quarantine ourselves for the possibility that you might get a virus seems pretty crazy when you think about it. Sure, I wouldn’t let you French kiss (or on a more normal and not extreme level, share toys) with another kid knowing that you might have a contagious virus but to just keep you isolated feels too extreme. 

And so that’s the lesson for today. Life will always be unpredictable and certain disaster awaits you at every turn. You can’t hide away from everything and everyone because something bad might happen. You have to live your life, take reasonable precautions and keep your fingers crossed for the best case scenarios. 

Living in fear of the unknown is a great way to just drive yourself bananas. I’m not saying to be reckless but I’m saying that it’s ok to live a little. Not like, never cross the street because you may get hit by a car but also don’t run across streets wildly. Just be normal and look both ways. 

Baby, life is strange and unpredictable. It is full of twists and turns and the best thing you can do is face it all with zest and excitement. 

In the meantime, your dad will be taking your temperature every minute for the next 3 days until the virus incubation period has passed- he will be the nervous one for the both of you. 



Baby Bites

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