Ouch, Baby

June 2, 2016

Dear Baby,

So with your illness under wraps and on the mend I thought we were through with mishaps in the home. I was mistaken. Yesterday morning I entered June with the sorest boob ever. Like who wakes up with a sore boob? This mom. 

Now I’m no stranger to sore boobs. Those 2 words pretty much encompass the entirety of my first 4 months of being a mother but since then we have come a long way and breastfeeding has gone from a fucking crap shoot to something I don’t even notice anymore (perspective is an interesting thing). 

So since we came to an agreement that breastfeeding would be manageable between us I haven’t really had any complaints. And then I woke up yesterday. 

I ask you this, Baby, WHO GETS A BREAST INFECTION AFTER ALMOST 9 MONTHS OF BREASTFEEDING?? This is elementary shit that almost always happens to brand new milk cows. Not veterans of the sport who are on their way out. 

But your mom is a special beast and without much else to do would up in the walk in clinic late yesterday afternoon. (As a side note, although my experience at the walk in clinic was fine, why are they always so gross? Why can’t there be a reasonably nice walk in? They always look so crusty)

The great news is that a male doctor got to check out my boob. Bad news is that it is mastitis and I am on a week long round of antibiotics now. The good news is that it changes nothing for us and we can go about our day as normal. The bad news is that it hurts like a bitch. 

So the idea of advocacy has come up a bunch recently and the importance of being your own best advocate and I want to stress that here again today. Only you know what you feel and only you can tell if something is wrong. As you grow up no one can help you but yourself and you need to develop and hearty and healthy relationship with you so that you can best address all these kinds of things. 

Don’t be scared to advocate for what you need and trust yourself to know what that is. 

In the meantime, your dad is sick too so I am home with a hot mess of a family. Let’s get some healthy vibes going on, mmmkay?



Ouch, Baby

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