Baby Sicknesses are Super Gross

June 1, 2016

Dear Baby,

After a weekend of fevers and nights spent trying to find your tiny little ear hole in the dark to obsessively take your temperature, we found the root of your sick. 

It’s called Roseola and like many gross kid things, it’s gross. Basically you get a fever with no other symptoms for several days and when the fever breaks you develop this rosy rash. 

Roseola sounds like what you would name your Cabbage Patch Kid (holla to those 80’s toys that will be super irrelevant while you read this) but in reality, it’s not cute and cuddly. It’s just icky. 

The bad news: it’s a bit contagious so we are stuck home together for the rest of the week at the risk of giving it to your friends. 

The good news: we know what is wrong and you don’t have a fever/ aren’t being a super snake anymore. 

Anyways, we have some resolution. Which I think is the best thing of all. And which leads me to today’s thought:

Don’t leave issues unresolved. 

Obviously I was not going to leave your being sick unresolved (and our dad DEF wasn’t about to) but often we brush things- life, medical or otherwise- aside. Resolution is a really important thing. It helps to allow movement and growth. 

Anyone who has ever been dumped can tell you that some resolution allows you to move on whereas things left unsaid can haunt you for a long time. 

Ignoring or putting things aside just means you will have to deal with them later and I assure you that no matter how troubling they may be, later will be worse. 

So face that shit head on, Baby because you are strong and you can. 

In the meantime, can you take a nap so I can go finish breakfast? Resolution applies to my cold eggs too. 



Baby Sicknesses are Super Gross

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