Pack it up, Baby

April 5, 2016

Dear Baby,

We are now 2 days away from a big vacation and I am extremely nervous and excited to be getting the fuck out of dodge. Um, snow in April? No thanks. Off to the beach we go.

Last time we went away it was off to sunny Florida for fresh citrus fruit and massive malls. This time we are heading out a bit further to the Middle East for a wedding. The plane ride is more than double in length, the time zone is totally opposite and even the electrical outlets need a little adaptor to make them work for our plugs. 

Scary? Sure. Exciting? Yes. But if I thought that packing you up for a cottage was a shit show, this is just next level. 

Aside from an embarrassing amount of rompers (ah!! Rompers. They are so damn cute!!!) and dresses and short outfits I need to think about crap like your sound machine, diapers, monitors and food. There are emergency things, medical things, bathing things, things that you can lay on, things to keep you out of the sun, things to keep you busy, comfy, asleep.
You name it, it’s fitting in my suitcase. 

The real kicker is that we had originally decided not to go on this trip. With such a huge travel time and time change we felt nervous about bringing you and overwhelmed by what we would need. I don’t really know how we decided to just do it but we did and now here we are about to have the trip of a lifetime and memories that you won’t really remember but that I will forever. I promise to tell you all about it. 

Here’s what I want to share with you today: never be scared to go see the world. Your dad and I will always make travel a huge priority for our family and we hope that nothing ever hinders you from experiencing everything you want. 

You can always find a million reasons to stay home or take the easy way out and while there’s nothing wrong with an all-inclusive style beach vacation, I hope you aspire to see and do more than lay on a beach and drink margaritas (because trust, you can find a great cocktail anywhere you go). 

In the meantime, I’m going to order 4 million more last minute things on Amazon. Thank god for Prime. (Ps. Invest in Amazon Prime. It will save your ass). 



Pack it up, Baby

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