6 Months: A Roundup

March 18, 2016

Dear Baby,

Holy f-ing balls. How are you half a year old. I basically feel like I gave birth, blinked and here we are. Tomorrow you will be 20. 

6 month old you is so awesome, Baby. You are blossoming before our very eyes and becoming more and more of a person with your own unique self. You have a sense of humour, you anticipate things, you are hungry- both to learn and to eat and you are stubborn and determined. 

We are starting to see how much of us you have in you and starting to get scared for the little devil that you are sure to become. 

A great example is eating. YOU WILL NOT BE FED. No way, no how. You take that spoon from us and even if you just stab yourself in the eye with avocado, you’ll be damned if we airplane that food into your mouth. 


You roll, you laugh and you are becoming fascinated with tiny details like zippers. You stand supported and love putting things in your mouth. 

You also sleep pretty well with no set schedule which makes my love of the unstructured life a lot easier (except when you decide to get up at 3:30am- I prefer the structure of a full nights sleep where possible please and thank you). You can nap anywhere right now and as such, we go everywhere. 

This week alone we went up to a friend’s cottage overnight, we went to the doctor, an outdoor centre, shopping, walking, grocery stores and to visit family. You are a busy busy lady. 

One of my favourite things you have been doing is really touching and exploring faces. It is so damn cute with your tiny little hands. 

Basically I am obsessed with you and I am so happy to have spent the past 6 months being with you. You make every single day a fucking delight and it’s been a really long time since I had the urge to take a little time for myself. The best time I can imagine spending is with you. 

Happy half birthday to my little peanut. 



6 Months: A Roundup

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