I’ve got a backache, Baby

February 8, 2016

Dear Baby,

Your lesson comes right out of the gate this morning. Take care of your back. Seriously. Don’t roll your eyes at me when I tell you to sit up straight or suggest that you spend time daily on the foam roller. I rolled my eyes at my mom all the time about it. I live to regret that.

Here I am after 10 years of eye rolling with a back that is totally fucked up and completely amplified by the fact that I have a 10 pound and growing weight attached to my body at all times. 

It hurts to sleep, it hurts to sit and it hurts to bend down and lift you up. I am a 90 year old woman living in a 33 year old body. 

So at the current moment I am giving up night duty to your dad once a week to have someone literally crush my body with their elbows as they attempt to work out the massive knots I have accumulated in my back (let’s not even get into my knees). 

I can think of many many things I would rather do with a night off beginning with anything other than Physiotherapy (no offence to the therapist who is awesome). 

Plus, taking care of your back (and general body) gets harder and harder as you get older. It’s not like I can be like, oh I just don’t feel like doing shit today. There is too much shit to do. I can’t for example, not go shovel the snow around my car this morning but doing so will be another trigger of pain. Can’t not carry you all day (AND WOULD NOT WANT TO) but like I said- 10 pound weight. When I was working on sets its not like I could be like, oh hey y’all this concrete floor is really hard on my legs so can I just grab an hour to rest. 

Look at all the shits that no one gives. 

So Babes, TAKE CARE OF THAT PRECIOUS BACK (and body). If you are going to be rolling, do it on the foam and give those eyes a break. I promise this one time, mama knows best. 



I’ve got a backache, Baby

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