Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

I can’t believe you are here. A living breathing very tiny human being created by your father and I (and science.) Even though it seems like an eternity away, one day you might start your own brand new family. By then I will have forgotten the small details of your infancy. I will recall the day you were born, albeit with rose colored glasses, milestones I watched and overall generalizations about how it was but I will probably forget the minute to minute happenings.

One day I may not be around to tell you how much I can relate to you when you cry beside your inconsolable baby. I may not remember how very hard it was the first month home and be there for you in the ways that you need. I may dismiss the incredible moments you have with your new baby as they will be so far behind what I have seen and done since. This is my way of sharing your own life with you as well as my own experiences with them. A way to preserve every detail as it is fresh in my mind.

The first moments with you, the details both good and bad are things I can’t bear to lose. And so, for you, for me and for any other mom out there in the world who is interested in an honest account of MY personal experience as a first time mom here are my completely raw and totally true accounts of my new life and your new life.



Dear Baby

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