We bring the cold

January 4, 2018

Dear Babies,

We made it to Florida just in time to escape the winter chill of Canada but Florida didn’t get the memo to bust out the sunshine. We were greeted by our US neighbour with the worst fucking weather. Ever. I mean, it’s not Canada cold here but it sure isn’t Florida hot so good thing I brought 4000 summer clothes for everyone. Not really.

We’ve been coming to Florida for a few years now and I’ve always enjoyed it. The last time I was here my toddler was just a tiny baby so my Florida life was minimally impacted. Sure, I couldn’t sunbathe for hours but hello – who does that anymore anyways??? It’s called aging skin and those hours in the sun are just adding weeks to my wrinkles. But I shopped and ate as usual and it was relaxing.

Florida with 2 kids one of whom is a toddler isn’t relaxing. What is? Florida with shit weather is super not relaxing because spoiler alert: Florida is not geared for toddlers in crap weather. If you can’t run around outside you are limited to the following: aquarium, target, mall.

Suffice to say it hasn’t been the most stimulating few days but we’re happy to be out of the deep freeze and with family. I guess we would be doing the same thing at home but just even colder.

But I can say with confidence that should you have the privilege, don’t book Florida trips with kids if the weather isn’t awesome. The end.



We bring the cold

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