The month of calamity

December 27, 2017

Dear Babies,

Ok. 2017 we get it, you suck. Specifically December. Minus a few awesome events (new friends being born and some other personal exciting things) it has been a real shit show. We haven’t had a clean bill of health over here in quite some time.

Last week your dad got strep throat – which, side-note seems fucking horrible to have as an adult, and it took him several days to recover.

We had a few days over Christmas of good old fashioned healthy kids and parents and then… I went and fell off a fucking Bosu Ball while working out and possibly broke my foot and one of you (maybe the one that’s currently obsessed with tearing off her diaper and running around naked) woke up with pink eye (surprise surprise for the kid that literally touches her butt 400 times a day).


So now we have a sore hobbling Mom who needs an X-ray, a snotty squinty little girl with giant eye boogers, a baby who needs to stay the hell away from her sister and a Dad who is back to work.


Over it.

Well guys, when it rains it pours and you will see this so fully and completely in your life. Good things seem to lump together, bad things seem to lump together and it creates this feeling of ebb and flow which I guess is a huge part of life in general.

So while we ebb (or flow – whichever the shitty one is) we have to focus on the good stuff. We have to focus on having fun, taking deep breaths and knowing that this too shall pass. Eyes will be dropped and medicated and soothed. Feet will be wrapped or casted and healed. Throats will be less sore, sneezes will pass and bruises will heal and overall we can (hopefully) leave this streak of crap behind in 2018.

In the meantime, let’s keep keeping on. I’m sure the doctors office misses us after we haven’t been in a whole week.



The month of calamity

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