My packages

November 30, 2017

Dear Babies,

I got this great big package in the mail today and was delighted to find new clothes for you both inside. I did some pretty big shops over Black Friday/ Cyber Monday and I am really enjoying that surge in dopamine that comes with every package delivered. So, I might have a shopping problem. So, I just do. So? There has to be an upside to waking up at 3am every night. K?

Anyways, I unpacked your new clothes and thought about all the clothing we just packed up that will be passed down or given away and I wondered if there will ever come a time that I won’t want a baby again? This isn’t to say we will or won’t have another (although it’s super unlikely that we will, but that’s another story) but more to say that will I ever not miss those tiny clothes and itty bitty socks and mini hats that are being delivered to the next baby in our group of friends?

I just marvel at you both every day and I can’t imagine that this is the last time I will watch a baby grab her little feet for the first time. Stuff like that.

And I guess what’s really amazing about this is how mere weeks ago, I was laying in bed praying for some sleep and relief from the exhaustion of baby. It’s incredible how fast we forget and re-see the past in rose coloured glasses.

When I joke with my husband about baby 3 he jokes back that he could handle and infant but not me post partum and losing my fucking mind. Fair. But give me 10 solid weeks and I’m back to “normal” and better than ever armed with a heart that has doubled in size and capacity. So there you go.

In the meantime, I’m not sure either of you needed those biker onesies that you’ll fast outgrow and I will cry putting away but if buying adorable stuff for your kids isn’t one of the luxuries of parenthood, what is?



My packages

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