The week that felt like a year

November 7, 2017

Dear Babies,

This morning I awoke expecting some relief from the fucking plague of hand foot and mouth only to find that the rash had multiplied by a zillion. So that’s good.

Did you know that this illness is a tiny blip for babies but excruciating for adults? Because of course it is. Just another way life tests how much you can stand before you snap.

Does screaming at the top of your lungs to yourself count as snapping? If so, consider me broken.

Being sick is an interesting glance at your partnerships. You learn a lot about the people around you when shit isn’t going your way. On a broad level, you’ll quickly tell which of your friends really care about you by who asks how you are doing. It’s not a big deal that most don’t, it’s more that those who do are the ones who are special and you should remember that.

That’s not to make you feel like anyone who doesn’t inquire within isn’t worth your time, people are just not so tuned in to those around them. I’m sure I’m just as guilty of that kind of shit.

On a closer level, you’ll learn who is your direct support network. Which of your family members offer to help. Do you need anything? Can they do anything to lighten your load? Do you need just a small check in? I think it’s pretty easy to forget that moms need some TLC too (see previous post) so make sure to send extra love to those people who offer it. They are few and far between.

And in the home you have your family. In my case, you guys are too little to know what to do. Baby is still fully dependent and toddler thinks it’s hilarious to punch me in my “boobly boob” even though I feel like my nipple might just burn off my body.

Being sick scares you so I have to be really careful not to do anything that will worry you or make you feel like mom isn’t 100%. NO PRESSURE.

Then there is dad who, for some reason, finds me to be super hard to deal with when I’m sick. Am I? I don’t know. Maybe. I feel like I’m easy because all I really want is for everyone to be really nice to me and not yell at me and just show a bit of extra compassion and kindness and patience (in the event that I’m not being easy – which is totally possible).

Ug. I’m rambling.

I don’t mean to be a Debby downer but I’ll leave you with this little nugget of future advice. Don’t rely on people to take care of you when you’re down (except me, I will literally always take care of you even if it means I get hand foot and mouth 400 times over). It’s much better to learn how to manage yourself and take care of you. Nothing is worse than being sick and disappointed.

Thank anyone who bothers to help you and make sure you reciprocate the kindness.

Learn how to make a good pot of chicken soup.

But mostly, don’t you worry your little heads because I will never leave you sick and unattended. And I make wicked chicken soup.



The week that felt like a year

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