Sticking my foot (and hand) in my mouth

November 1, 2017

Dear Babies,

Well, we kicked of November with a bang and by bang I mean HORRIBLY WITH A GROSS VIRUS.

Hand, foot and mouth disease has ravaged our home and proven to be as offensive as its name suggests. Only a kid illness would be as gruesome yet harmless as HFM (yup, I acronymed this bitch).

Since you won’t remember having it, here’s a quick recap. Bad fever, mild cold and body covered in small blisters. You both look gross but more so the baby who obviously got it twice as bad. Great.

In quarantine, we’ve been spending a lot of time making up activities to do since I’m hesitant to take you anywhere that other kids go for fear of spreading this love. It’s not love. It’s just gross.

The good news, you’re both not too bad and still are able to eat which is good because I hear that some kids get sores in their mouth that are so painful they can’t eat which is a whole other ballgame of shit to deal with. The bad news is that it seems very annoying and upsetting to baby and so we’ve been up on the hour every hour as a direct result. 45 minutes sleep cycles are a real thing and we are living (zombie) proof today.

So my advice to you is this. I’m the event that you one day find yourself living in a home surrounded by sick people and feeling like shit yourself (because, of course adults can get this too so don’t you think it’s coming my way) drink wine. So much wine. Can’t drink wine? Try a hot toddy. Put some booze in your hot tea. Whatever. I’m not advocating being an alcoholic but I am saying that a splash of juice makes the whole thing slightly more bearable. Slightly.

Ok. Please feel better soon.



Sticking my foot (and hand) in my mouth

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