2 times the fun

April 12, 2016

Dear Baby,

Something kind of scary happened the other day. You slept in (not scary and kind of awesome), but at 9, I was getting concerned so I went to wake you and found you listless. You barely moved, barely talked and hardly wanted to get up. This compared to your usual AM routine of singing at the top of your lungs and then showing all your animals and saying hello to every single thing in your room was a hard contrast.

I was worried. Worried enough to take you to a walk in clinic.

Lo and behold you had a double ear infection. POOR GIRL!!!! That must be the fucking worst. I don’t think I was an ear infection kid but my sister was and your dad was and it sounds fucking awful.

The bad news is the ear infection. Good news is that you are a fucking junkie for your banana medicine (amoxicillin) and it can be used to bribe you to do things. Come downstairs and you can have banana medicine makes the long walk downstairs so much less of a thing every day.

This short but sweet post serves to tell you an important thing. Know the people around you and trust your gut when it comes to assessing how they are. I know you SO well that I knew in 5 seconds something was amiss. I literally can tell any time you have a good change, what is going on and it is because I take the time to really know you and pay attention. Do the same for the ones you love.

And trust your gut. If you feel like something is wrong, it probably is. No one ever got hurt by avoiding something their gut said was a bad idea – know what I mean?



2 times the fun

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