13 Months: a roundup 

October 18, 2016

Dear Baby,

I vehemently reject calling you by Months now that you are a year old. I think there is nothing more annoying than a person calling their kid “18 months.” Like, really? Oh, you mean a year and a half? 

When people ask me your age now I say one year. Only if they ask for the nonesense and minutia of months would I indulge them in the “13 months.”

It’s like when you are pregnant and telling random people how many weeks you are. Like, no one except another pregnant person would ever know that shit. 4 months is so much more clear than 16 weeks. 

But, for the purpose of this blog, we will continue our monthly roundup because I think it’s cool to see what happens to you every 4 weeks and it’s all for you anyways so I doubt you will find it annoying in the same way as some mom telling you their kid is 14.5 months. Right?

A couple things to note about you being just over a year:

1. You go to sleep different. Up to now there has always been a very specific way you go to sleep. There is the bedtime routine and then you would fall asleep in my arms before I gently transferred you to your crib. This was fine but also a very lengthy and arduous process. To my delight, at a year something changed and now we do bedtime routine, a quick cuddle and you go to your crib awake and just fall asleep. It’s quite amazing. I haven’t watched Jeopardy in a year and now, well, 730 is my prime time. 

2. You stand. A lot. It’s amazing. Last week you began taking very tentative and small steps. You still haven’t taken more than 3 and will only do it into my arms where you inevitably collapse laughing but still, that’s as close to waking as we could get for now. 

3. You communicate. I have always been very tuned into your needs but now with noises and motions, you can actually tell me things. I know what you want and how you feel because you are sharing it. You have a noise that means yes and a face that means cuddles. You also have fucking mastered no. Glad I taught you that one. 

4. Your sense of humour continues to emerge. There is no doubt that you are going to be trouble. You take so much pleasure in making people laugh that it is inevitable that you will be the class clown. I can’t say I am surprised or upset about it. It’s a seemingly natural part of you and Baby, you really are funny. Not in a “I’m your mom and you are good at everything” way. No. you are really funny. 

Basically I love you tremendously and am just fucking obsessed with you. 

Happy 13 months, Baby. 



13 Months: a roundup 

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