5 More Days of my Baby

September 13, 2016

This morning your dad showed me a picture of where we were this time last year. I had an enormous belly (at least enormous for me) and I remember that despite having everything ready to go, I was in no way prepared. I still couldn’t fathom what my life would be like once you came. 

Now, one year later I am sitting in your room as you chuck your stuffed animals out of your crib and settle down for nap number one. Your sound machine is on, the blinds are drawn and you are wiggling around in that sleep sack of yours. 

I have to say and I think I can now say that you have been the fucking BEST sleeper ever this year. I can’t predict what your sleeping now future will hold and I can only imagine that if we have another baby I will be terrorized by sleep issues as payback for my good fortune but  Baby, you have been a delight. 

It began early. Say what you will about having your baby sleep in your bed but for us it was the magic element that allowed us all to sleep nights right away. By 4 months you slept through a huge bulk of the night and by 5 months we could expect at least 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I can count on my hands the number of times since then that you have woken us up. 

I wish I could bottle the secret that caused this phenomenon but in truth, I believe you were born to be a great sleeper. 

It’s not a huge surprise since I would list sleep on my top ten favourite things of all time. I fucking love sleep. I love bed, I love pyjamas. I love it all. You are a natural. 

Now, I am sure that you will spend many years- as I did- rejecting your friend sleep but if you can, don’t. All nighters are super fucking dumb. I know you will hit a time where nights will begin after 10pm and mornings will commence after 1pm. This is normal. But whatever time slots you do it in, sleep. 

Sleep has a million benefits to your health and wellness. It helps you grow and recharge, it helps to cure you, it helps to calm you and no matter what is going on in your life, a good night of sleep is bound to help. It makes your skin look good and it helps reduce the dark circles under your eyes that you are genetically predisposed to having. 

In your dreams you get to sort out problems and talk to old friends. You can visit fantastical places and work through unconscious issues. 

As your mother and an avid fan of sleep I wish you nothing more than a lifetime of the amazing sleep you have begun to enjoy in your first year. 

And anytime you want a partner in nap crime- I’m in. 



5 More Days of my Baby

6 More Days of my Baby

September 12, 2016

Dear Baby,

Today was a day that was (so far) spent with your nanny. She is awesome and you guys seem to have a lot of fun together plus she sends me a lot of pictures and updates so she quells my paranoid and nervous mind. I like that.

Today I got a video from a play date you went to with another little girl. The video shows the 2 of you sharing some toys and you (in total you style) showing hr how you like to bang your hands on your chest and scream. It’s a goodie. She was not as impressed as I always am. Just saying.

Anyways, it made me smile both because I had tabs on you and could see your little peanut face even though I was across the city and because I LOVE how happy and social you are. Being social and loving people is the day 6 thing that I want to celebrate about you.

I don’t know if it is that we made you some friends from the moment you were all born (ok, fine, I made some friends with babies but by default said babies are your friends now) but you are so happy and confident with little kids. This past weekend we took you to this Gymboree class and where the little boy in your class spent the whole class climbing on structures and playing with toys, you spent the whole class following him. You have this innate desire to interact and it is so cool to watch.

Of course this jives with your Dad and my stance on socializing. We thrive on having a large group of friends and on making new friends when we can. We both love people and really value the relationships we have in our lives.

You seem to really love having people to hang out with too.

Here’s the thing. Friends can be disappointing, annoying, mean and fickle. They will come and go and a person who you feel as close to as a sister can be out of your life completely some years later. That’s life. Friends will hurt you and cheat you and lie to you. Friends will open your heart and then fucking stomp all over it BUT friends are the total spice of life (and dogs, dogs are also the spice of life.) Friends will understand you in ways your parents can’t. They will have completely new perspectives and experiences to bring to your table. They will challenge you and make you a competitor in some aspect of your life. They will have great (and not so great) style tips and clothes to borrow. New homes and lives for you to bear witness to. They will be by your side in some of the most profound times in your life. They will raise you up and if they are exceptional friends, they will always help hold you there.

You won’t know until you are my age now how important your friends are and how great it is that they will move and change as you do. When I was young I thought that friends had to be forever and believed in the idea of one BEST friend. Now I know that my friendships are living relationships and they grow and change- they even fall apart. They can be broken and rebuilt. Each one should and can offer you something new and different from the next and if you choose wisely you will be surrounded by a host of people who are experts in their own “fields.” A friend for fashion tips, a friend for deep conversations and a friend who shares you love of movies. Whatever it is.

Try to make friends wherever you go because nothing is sadder to me than people who are stuck in friendships of days past or in the high school mentality of what a best friend needs to be. Have a thousand best friends and you will be blessed with a thousand people to share your experiences with.

I hope that your adult life finds you as happy in the company of others as today’s video showed you to be. I hope you are always surrounded by love and support and that you never stop wanting to be a social little butterfly creature.

But don’t worry. I’ll always be your best friend- ug MOM. So lame. Right?? Too bad. BFFAEAEAEAE.



6 More Days of my Baby

7 More Days of my Baby

September 11, 2016

Dear Baby,

It’s so hard to believe that in 7 days I will have a one-year old. As with everything that comes up for us, I meet this countdown with mixed emotions. I am so happy and proud to be your mom and so sad that this time is over. You will never be my newborn baby again and with all of the ups and downs, that is something I will always miss. You were the yummiest of yummy and this journey was made completely perfect because of you.

We celebrated this countdown with a house call from a doctor this morning to investigate your latest “thing.” The more that you grow, the more you show yourself to be a hilarious force to be reckoned with. You, my baby, are a funny little girl. Prior to this latest thing- which I’ll get into shortly- other things you have done are as follows:

  1. Sideways head- we say “sideways head” and you laugh while tilting your head.
  2. You hiss like a snake when we ask if there is a snake in the room.
  3. You play hide and seek and love to be chased and scared.
  4. You love to rock out to music with your arms flailing around.
  5. You cannot sit silent in a conversation- in fact, most involve you in the background screaming with a huge smile on your face.

We laugh a lot together and the best part about that is sometimes you just laugh at me laughing at you laughing.

Your silliness is what makes you, you. So with that, when you began doing your latest thing we thought it was just typical you behaviour.

Here’s what happened. You would laugh at whatever you were laughing at and then make a gasp noise. This happened when you were laughing or really excited so it happened often. We thought nothing of it until you developed a fever. Then the googling started and the fear mongering began and we went from it being an adorable new quirk to a possible lung issue in five seconds flat. Thanks again, WebMD.

Thankfully, there is a house call doctor around who came over to check you out. Turns out that what we thought was a cute new thing is just that. A baby playing with her wide range of voice noises.

But this whole incident reminded me of 2 things. The first is never to google fucking symptoms of anything and the second is how much we love your silly little things. Being a total goofball is one of the millions of reasons that I love you so much and the nuances that make you, you. This week is all about celebrating the little one year old girl you are about to be and your silly spirit deserves some serious praise and recognition.

Like is so serious and it can be so hard but a playful nature is such a good way to temper it. If you can laugh and bring laughter to others as you do now, then you will always be able to find joy in the darkest of times. Find people in your life who make you laugh and bring out the fun side of you.

And I am ALWAYS up for a game of hide and seek- you get your love of being surprised from me (thank god since you certainly don’t get anything physically from me- hello Dad’s twin, sorry about your bum chin.)

6 more days to go.



7 More Days of my Baby

A Vacation with my Baby- the Rundown

August 29- September 4, 2016

Dear Baby,

A vacation with you was like the much coveted chelsea bun from the delicious local bakery up north where we spent our week. It was sweet, savoury, indulgent, satisfying, playful, and even a tiny slice was fantastic.

We had the delight of taking you to a gorgeous cottage up north courtesy of your great and uncle and it was BLISS. Spending time together non-stop as a family is the fucking best. We rested and relaxed, explored and ate and just vegged out. It was totally rejuvenating

When you slept at naps, you dad and I got to lounge in the sun and have a tiny taste of what a week up north once was not long ago. Because not long ago, mornings would have begun with coffee at 11am instead of 7:30am (not that we are complaining about your sleep in times- keep it up, gurl.) Not long ago we would run out and grab whatever we needed without packing a car full of snacks, a stroller and diapers and planning said adventures around naps. Not long ago, 4pm would have been beer-o-clock and 20 minutes later would have been celebrated in true form. Naps would happen at 6pm and the night would begin sometime around 9 or 10pm.

Suffice to say, this week was not that.

The week was amazing mornings watching the mist lift off the lake while eating breakfast together at 8am, enjoying coffee with your dad while doing some work or crosswords while you had a morning nap, enjoying an outing to some market or little town, sending your second nap with your dad outside in the sun and the spending 4-6pm chasing the shade while hanging out in the shallow water watching you float around in your little floaty and laughing. Your dad and I took our time getting you to bed, made a bonfire and spent romantic nights together alone.

Different doesn’t always mean bad.

As our first year together comes to an end I am so grateful that we have so many family trips under our belts already. These memories and times spent are just fucking priceless and there is no suntan or daytime ceasar that can possibly compare.

Do vacations with your family and the people you love. You will never ever forget them and they just fucking rock.

I hope you see the world… can I come?




A Vacation with my Baby- the Rundown