5 More Days of my Baby

September 13, 2016

This morning your dad showed me a picture of where we were this time last year. I had an enormous belly (at least enormous for me) and I remember that despite having everything ready to go, I was in no way prepared. I still couldn’t fathom what my life would be like once you came. 

Now, one year later I am sitting in your room as you chuck your stuffed animals out of your crib and settle down for nap number one. Your sound machine is on, the blinds are drawn and you are wiggling around in that sleep sack of yours. 

I have to say and I think I can now say that you have been the fucking BEST sleeper ever this year. I can’t predict what your sleeping now future will hold and I can only imagine that if we have another baby I will be terrorized by sleep issues as payback for my good fortune but  Baby, you have been a delight. 

It began early. Say what you will about having your baby sleep in your bed but for us it was the magic element that allowed us all to sleep nights right away. By 4 months you slept through a huge bulk of the night and by 5 months we could expect at least 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I can count on my hands the number of times since then that you have woken us up. 

I wish I could bottle the secret that caused this phenomenon but in truth, I believe you were born to be a great sleeper. 

It’s not a huge surprise since I would list sleep on my top ten favourite things of all time. I fucking love sleep. I love bed, I love pyjamas. I love it all. You are a natural. 

Now, I am sure that you will spend many years- as I did- rejecting your friend sleep but if you can, don’t. All nighters are super fucking dumb. I know you will hit a time where nights will begin after 10pm and mornings will commence after 1pm. This is normal. But whatever time slots you do it in, sleep. 

Sleep has a million benefits to your health and wellness. It helps you grow and recharge, it helps to cure you, it helps to calm you and no matter what is going on in your life, a good night of sleep is bound to help. It makes your skin look good and it helps reduce the dark circles under your eyes that you are genetically predisposed to having. 

In your dreams you get to sort out problems and talk to old friends. You can visit fantastical places and work through unconscious issues. 

As your mother and an avid fan of sleep I wish you nothing more than a lifetime of the amazing sleep you have begun to enjoy in your first year. 

And anytime you want a partner in nap crime- I’m in. 



5 More Days of my Baby

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