Friends of baby

July 27, 2016

Dear Baby,

One of the coolest things about you these days is your inate desire to be a social creature. When presented with other kids you light up and reach out to make physical contact with them. You have a visible different reaction to kids and adults and seem to gravitate towards the former. It’s pretty fucking cool. 

Like something in your baby mind makes the connection that yes, these are my peers and I should try and touch them with my pointy finger. 

And better yet, all of your peeps seem into this kind of interaction so you guys spend some good quality time just being close to and touching each other. Sure, sometimes this means finding you sticking your finger on your friend’s eye or pulling a bit of hair but it’s still totally hilarious. 

The best is watching you sit with friends and play. Even better is watching you hang out with your older friends who can do things with you. 2 of my favourite moments this month were hanging with your friend who wanted to take you for a walk (settled in showing you her tea set and dolls) and your cousin who gave you a huge video- caught hug. 

And you were just delighted. 

Because part of your personality Baby, is to be delighted in interactions with others. Nothing makes you as happy as being with us or friends. It is probably to be expected given your parents personalities but also super awesome. 

And you know what Baby? This is a great quality to have. Thriving on your interactions with others will help you develope strong and meaningful relationships in your future. I think that some of the best and brightest people I know are their best selves when supported and encouraged by the people they love. 

I mean, you should love yourself, be able to thrive and shine alone and take stock in your own company but also enjoy and benefit from the great people around you. 

Loving others and being loved in return is one of the amazing parts about being a human. We have this huge capacity to share with others and whether it is a touch (or eye poke) or a hug, a coo or a huge secret, a smile or a hearty laugh- it is a distinct pleasure to share those interactions. 

I hope you have many of those moments and many people in your life to share them with.  

In the meantime, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having your best friend be your mom. Just saying. 



Friends of baby

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