Into the great wide open (with a baby). 

June 26, 2016

Dear Baby,

We just got home from a weekend away camping- a first for us as a family and I wanted to tell you all about it. I think first I should clarify. Yes, it was camping but it was kind of fancy camping. Glamping, if you will. We had a site with a huge canvas tent, hardwood floors and a king sized bed and couches inside, a hot shower, a non disgusting portapotty situation and an outdoor cooking area. It was as close to hotel in the forest as possible minus the actual hotel. 

We were there for 2 nights with 3 other couples but you, Baby were the only baby on site. 

This made things amazing and complicated. It was amazing to hang out with our nearest and dearest and have them spend so much time with you but complicated because wherever we went, your dad and I had to be aware of you. The group wanted to spend time at the beach but we could only spend a short while because the sun was too strong. The group wanted to go to the dock at night to see that stars but we couldn’t go because it was too far away from where you slept. 

And sleep- well that’s another whole post worth of stories. Coming next. 

The great parts were watching your firsts. First canoe ride (you hated it), first real swim (you hated it), first winery tour (you didn’t mind it) and first time staying in a tent (you hated it). 

Overall my thoughts on the weekend in relation to you were that I’m glad we did it, I would do it again but I was really happy to be home. REALLY HAPPY. 

And I think there was a great lesson here about leaving your comfort zone. This was way beyond my comfort zone. I basically hate nature and if your dad wasn’t a hard core tripping enthusiast I would literally never have gone on one let alone many camping/ canoe trips in my life. 

Yes, now that I have done them I like them a lot more and even look forward to them but no, by nature I am not a lover of spiders on my everything and sleeping in a tent. When an animal came one night and rummaged through our garbage I just about shat myself. 

I digress but the point is that going on a trip into the wilderness (however fancy it may be) is above my comfort zone. Doing it with you was beyond. But the experience was worth the push. We’ve done it, we succeeded and learned a lot about ourselves and you and now we could do it again (but maybe not too soon). 

Is really important to push yourself to try new and different things. You may get bitten by 10000000 mosquitoes and stay up all night with a crying baby but you may learn a few new things along the way. 

In the meantime gotta go tend to my heinously itchy legs that are coloured with the blood of a thousand bites. Nature, you rule. 



Into the great wide open (with a baby). 

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