When my Baby Scratched her Nose

April 29, 2016

This morning during you very predictable morning nap you scratched yourself awake. If I had only cut your talon nails when I was supposed to then you wouldn’t have clawed yourself, had a sad scratch on your nose and awoken in a way that no one wants to- in pain. Bad mom. 

Your regular hour plus nap was a mere 25 minutes and I was sorry and scared. I tried to put you back down and you slept for another 10 minutes before you awoke again rearing to go. We went to Costco. 

Was that the best call? The pros are; I love Costco, we got a Vitamix (you are welcome), and we got to hang out with your Bubby. Cons; you fell asleep in the car. 

I had negotiated in my mind that should you fall asleep in the car I would simply drive aimlessly for an hour and let you have a proper sleep. You woke up after 25 minutes. I was sorry and I was scared. 

In my mind you would melt down and turn into a tiny devil. You would cry inconsolably or I would not be able to get you to bed as a result of poor sleep. We had plans to go out and leave you asleep at home with your grandparents and I had a million scenarios in my head that kept me biting my nails all afternoon long. 

The end result was unsurprisingly nothing. The day ended as it usually ends, you slept as you usually sleep and everything was just fine.

Another reminder about the importance of expectations and managing them. I spent so much time worrying about how it would be that I missed a bit of how it was. 

Try and keep your expectations in check and not doomsday every little thing. You may be disappointed or you may be pleasantly surprised but either way at least you mitigate the stress of over thinking.

In the meantime, we ended up going out Friday and I am still tired from it. Mom life. So hip. 



When my Baby Scratched her Nose

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