7 Months: a (late) Roundup

April 25, 2016

Dear Baby,

I’m such a jerk because I totally forgot to write to you on the 18th. My bad. Blame it on the jet lag. 

So here we are at 7 months and Baby, it’s pretty terrific. When moms I know say it only gets better and better, I think they are right. Every stage and every step gets better and just when I think I can’t love you any more, I go ahead and love you a thousand times more the next day. It’s crazy. 

So what are you like at 7 months? 

You are super active. You move a lot and do a lot. You are always busy with something or other. 

You are curious- especially about people and faces. You love to look at the world around you. When we carry you in the baby Bjorne you hold out your hands like you want to feel the world around you. 

If I haven’t told you this already, you LOVE TO EAT. I mean, really really really love it. Each meal begins with you panting and drooling at the sight of food and ends with you covered in it. The good news is that you are a really solid eater and you will try anything and love almost everything (the exception is plain yogurt which is so crazy because I buy you this full fat yogurt that basically tastes like cream but never mind). 

You have a really good sense of humour and you love games that take a bit of anticipation. Like peek a boo or variations of it. I love making you laugh and we laugh a lot. 

You stand, you sit, you roll and you are about 5 seconds away from crawling. 

What really strikes me about this age is that you are more than halfway to a year old. I can’t believe how fast time went and how the days of you as a newborn seem so long ago. 

A friend of mine is newly pregnant and asking questions about the first months and I have a hard time remembering the days and nights when you didn’t sleep or have a routine, when everything made me cry, when I listened to the life saving but soul sucking Harvey Karp cd over and over again to get you to sleep. When we slept together to the sound of “old rattling air conditioner unit” and when my boobs felt like they would actually just fall off from pain.

At this point, I hate the idea of leaving you because we have so much fun together. There was a time not too long ago when a shower and nap was my salvation.

So just a reminder and less a lesson to savor the moment. When people say that it passes by WAY TO FAST, don’t disregard them just because in the present every hour feels like an eternity. For better or worse you will forget those nuances that coloured your experience. 

In the meantime, happy 7 months to you, my love. Now please slow down time. 



7 Months: a (late) Roundup

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