Baby Bottle

March 23, 2016

Dear Baby,

We have been working our asses off to plump you up as per the doctor’s request and you have been taking to the excess food and beverage choices wonderfully. You eat like a champ and you seem to not give any fucks at all about formula- in a good way.

When we began formula, as you know, I was hesitant but I figured at the very least an extremely full tummy would make you sleep even longer and better than you already were. Wrong.

Suddenly our amazing sleeper began waking at odd hours in the middle of the night. 1am, 3am, 4am. I know that a lot of babies do this but when you are used to a full uninterrupted night sleep, this seems a bit nuts. (Sidebar: I don’t even know how people deal with a second baby and going through the sleeplessness again. It’s phenomenal how fast we forget what it felt like to wake up in the middle of the night. Now when I get woken up I feel totally fucked up whereas before I just felt permanently fucked up).

Anywho, we hmmm-ed and haw-ed over this conundrum and your dad brilliantly suggested that maybe you were waking up again at all hours of the night because you are too full. This theory was supported by some seriously stank middle of the night diapers so it seemed logical.

We switched feeding you formula during the day and stuck to boob before bed and voila. 2 nights of your usual amazing sleep. You seem happier. I am happier. Your dad is still waking up twice a night to watch you on the monitor. At least one of us is crazy.

So here’s the moral. When you try something new and it seems like it isn’t working, be open to making some modifications. Often things need a little tweak to make them work for you.

Just because your friends and well- wishers tell you to do something one way does not mean that this will be the exact way it will jive in your world. We are all unique and individual people and as such have our own needs and wants. Baby, try variations of things that suit your needs and don’t be scared to experiment with ideas and solutions to make them serve you.

In the meantime, I’ve got some packing to do- we are heading up north come hell or… Freezing rain????



Baby Bottle

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