Baby One More Time

March 9, 2016

Dear Baby,

In the past 3 days since I last reported that you were getting better, you got sick again. It’s crazy because if I had a .2 fever I probably wouldn’t even know. When we saw that you did, we went into full panic mode. We packed you up, bundled you tight and went to the doctor for the THIRD TIME IN 5 DAYS!!!

The good news is that you are fine. You just had a lingering cold. The bad news is that you have this stupid lingering cold. 

Have you ever sucked out the snot from another person’s nose? It’s so gross/ on par amazing with popping a pimple. You don’t want to do it, you almost barf doing it and then you can’t stop thinking about what happened when you did it. Snot is the same. Slightly less satisfying. 

Anyways if I haven’t been clear, baby colds are the worst. 

Anyways, by round 3 of our doctor visit I was starting to feel like a really typical overreacting first time parent. Like, am I going to be that person who rushed you to seek medical attention every time you sneeze? Maybe. Especially if your super hypochondriact dad has any say but I have to embrace the crazy, don’t I?

My feeling is this. If 2 people look at you and one thinks you need a doctor, we go. There’s just no fucking around with your physical health or otherwise. 

And that, Baby, brings me to today’s thoughts. You can never be too careful and you must always be your own best advocate. Here’s the thing- after you grow up and can make your own decisions you will be responsible for your own care. You will have to advocate for how you feel and what you need. 

I want to make sure you never feel embarrassed or apprehensive about double or even triple checking something that you are not sure about. There is just no suck thing as too cautious when it comes to taking care of you. For now, since you can’t talk and 100% of your care is on our hands, we will be over cautious for you but soon enough, that will be your weight to carry. 

So know yourself, love yourself and don’t ever hesitate to ask again and again if something doesn’t feel right to you. There are no stupid questions and no restrictions to seeking help for anything you need. 

In the meantime, Baby get better or prepare to feel the suction of your nose sucky thing again this afternoon. 



Baby One More Time

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