Poor Sick Baby

March 2, 2016

Dear Baby,

It’s MARCH!!! Spring is just around the corner and I can all but feel the warm weather coming our way. You get to play in a park so soon- you have no idea how awesome that will be. But for now, there is 25cm of snow outside the door and the ups and downs in temperature (hello to our 10 degree Sunday) have had the inevitable effect of making everyone and their mothers totally sick.

We went to play groups and music classes all last week with your snot- faced friends and it was only a matter of time before you, Ms. I-stick-everything-in-my-mouth caught what they had.

So when you started sneezing more than usual and looking overall droopy and tired, I knew we had entered the realm of the dreaded first cold.

So far, it has been pretty hard- for me. You don’t even seem to really know what is going on and have been smiling and playing as usual. I have been dying inside every time you cough or sneeze or tear or even look a tiny bit uncomfortable. Basically, if you blink in a way that I feel is not normal right now, I feel like crying. It’s a bit overbearing- I know.

In the meantime, I am sick too and your dad is sick three and in order of importance I rank you, then you and you. I would be sick for days if you could be better immediatly- and I HATE being sick.

In the long laundry list of horrors that come with you being sick I am remiss to include; 

1. A rectal temperature. It’s exactly what it sounds like. I’m sorry. It’s happened to the best us and to my knowledge, no permanent mental scaring comes from it.

2. The snot suck thing. Yes, Baby I have actually stuck a tube into your nose and sucked the snot out so you could breath easier. Remember that fact when you have an urge to tell me to fuck off one time- k?

3. Choking you with infant Tylenol. Dear Tylenol instructions- how does one “gently” shoot a syringe full of liquid? It shoots but there is nothing gentle about it. So sorry about that too. 

4. The goo. Babes, I must tell you that you have liquid coming out of all parts of your face. It’s a gooey mess and instead of thanking me each time I wipe it up, you scream. If I didn’t know better I would assume you like being covered in mucus. 

5. No put downs. Not a one. No sir. You have been on me all day. ALL DAY. this includes bathroom breaks, naps and everything in between. I’m still not wearing a bra and it’s past 3pm. 

But, like I said, I would do anything o make you feel better so all of the above mentioned things don’t seem like such a big deal to me. They are just gross.  

Here is the takeaway- be nice to your mom, Baby. Take care of me when I am old and gross because I took care of you when you were young and gross. You have peed on me twice today and I still love you unconditionally so extend me the same love (slash I hope I never pee myself in old age).

Sending you all the healthy vibes I can while you sleep on me again (whatever, I fucking LOVE it- the cuddles and sleeping, not the cold obviously).



Poor Sick Baby

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