Back away baby

February 20, 2016

Dear Baby,

About a week or so ago you started reaching. It was SO CUTE. Your little arms would extend out to grab at things that delighted you. Our poor vase of flowers got grabbed quite a bit but the brunt of your reaching out fell on me. You developed what is technically referred to as “mommyitis.”

I have mixed feeling about this affliction. On the one hand, I love that you pretty much exclusively want to be with me. Who wouldn’t? You are a delicious tiny human. I feel amazing knowing that you feel safest and most comfortable with me and I thrive on the opportunities to make you feel secure and loved. 

On the other hand, I have always really been annoyed with kids who just cling to their moms all the time. To some extent it is normal but when a kid won’t even look at you without their mom, I think it’s a bit much. I really don’t want you to become one of those kids who won’t go to anyone or look at anyone or be comfortable with anyone but me. 

The good news is that this behaviour is indicative of a great change happening inside your brain! Periods of clingy and cranky-ness are often precursors to a slew of new mental developments that will allow you to perform brand new activities. 

The even better news is that this is just the beginning of all the amazing learning you will do. Watching you grow is (almost) even better than being furiously cuddled by a tiny baby. 

The bad news (for me) is that this time will undoubtly come to an end and you will even possibly reject me at some point in your life. You will forget all about how good mommy made you feel when you were unsure and you will move on. I will forever hold onto the times that you cuddled into me so tightly that we felt like one person. 

Baby, pretty sure today’s point is clear. Stop right now wherever you are and come give your mom a cuddle (or depending where things are at, at least spend some time fondly thinking about your mom). 

You are probably way past your mommyitis but I will ever be past my babyitis. 



Back away baby

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