5 months- a roundup 

February 18, 2016

Dear Baby,

Holy crap. 5 months. 

Seriously, there is nothing like being in your 30s with a baby to remind you about how fast time passes. I feel like just yesterday you were this tiny little thing (oh wait, you still are…) and now you are this big (in age only) girl smiling in her sleep as she naps in my arms. 

I must say that so far month 4 was the best. Towards the end of month 3 a fog lifted and I emerged from the haze of exhaustion and frustration that came with being a new mom. My boobs felt better, I began fitting into my most stretchy old jeans, I got used to my new sleep schedule (and started getting more sleep- thank you, Baby) and generally feeling like a human being. I even went out one night last month and drank vodka (ps. If you want to go out and drink vodka, remember to make it worth it. Being up with a mild hangover at 5:45am just blows).

And then, the best thing happened. You began to emerge too. You became this interactive and interesting little person. I began to see your sense of humour and your interests. Does a baby really have interests, you may ask. You do. You really do. You love ribbons, you love flowers and leaves, you love those weird chewy balls, you love soft things, music and you love water. 

In contrast, there are also a lot of things you don’t care for. They include: stuffed animals, being startled or startling noises, loud rattles, finger puppets and having your nose picked. 

Currently, one of the fan favourite games in our house is “round and round the garden.” Your little eyes actually sparkle with anticipation when we get the “one step, two step” part that precedes a tickle fest. If you are in the right moods, you laugh your little head off each time. 

The most interesting change has been this past week when you really developed stranger danger. All of a sudden you won’t go to anyone but me. You seem to need more time to ease into new people and prefer to interact with them from the safety of my arms. 

On the one hand, I LOVE the affection and attention. On the other, I feel bad for everyone who loves you and just wants those delicious baby cuddles. 

You eat your toes, you sit and roll and of late, you wake up in the middle of the night having rotated 180 degrees and laugh for a few minutes before going back to sleep. Your dad and I have had such a great time watching you and listening to you entertain yourself so well at 3am (added bonus- we don’t have to get up). 

I’ll bet I say this every month moving forward but I just can’t imagine life without you. You are my best friend and I feel excited that we get to spend every day together. I might be a bit overbearing and attached to you but it’s only because you are amazing.

So know this. At 5 months old, your mom was obsessed with you. 

Baby, you are very very loved and I am having the best time getting to know you. You are a funny and curious little girl and I can’t wait to keep making you laugh and showing you new things to enjoy and discover. 

Happy 5 months. 



5 months- a roundup 

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