Merry Christmas, Baby

December 24, 2015

Dear Baby,

I am obsessed with Christmas. Probably because I don’t actually celebrate it and therefore live vicariously through those that do and enjoy it without the pressures of family obligations and financial woes.

We were invited to celebrate Christmas dinner with some friends and we decided to bring you with. This, of course, brought a whole set of challenges.

We have this whole routine we do with you for “bedtime.” We started it a few weeks ago and swore up and down that we would not let it have us subscribe to a schedule. You see Baby, your dad and I are so anti-schedule. In theory. In theory, we are free-loving bohemian parents who don’t give a fuck about anything. In practice, our bedtime routine has become the schedule we rejected and deviating from it involves planning- even though it shouldn’t.

So when dinner was called for 8pm (your bedtime), we had to wrap our heads around what to do. We thought about cancelling, we thought about putting you to sleep at your grandparents, the thought about BRINGING YOUR BASSINET AND THE STAND TO SOMEONES HOUSE, and then we took a chill pill and just went.

Like you always do, you totally impressed up with your resiliency and the way you give zero fuck about anything. Sitting in your bucket to sleep instead of your bed- zero fucks given. No “sounds of rainfall” white noise- NO FUCKS. No bathtime/massage routine- No fucks given. Not one. You slept just as you always do- woke up when we left to come home and slept the remainder of the night as you usually do.

All the “what ifs” were for not and you were fine.

I know that you will not always be like this- one day, whether we boho-parent or not, you will need a more structured day. One day you may not be as portable as you are now- you may not sleep on the go and you may need certain comforts but for the here and now, it was a good reminder to us that we can be flexible and we can be open to trying new things with you.

So that’s the Christmas lesson for you, Baby. Be flexible. I have touched on this before- the idea of being open to change and amiable to different things but I will stress it again here. When you open yourself up to trying new things and allow yourself some flexibility, you allow a world of new experiences to come your way.

Like your parents celebrating Christmas- if we weren’t open to another cultural experience and religious holiday we would never know the joys of stockings to open and sweet-ass fruit cake.

Merry Merry



Merry Christmas, Baby

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