A baby friendly space

July 11, 2016

Dear Baby,

Ever since you started being on the move we have been working towards making you a space to enjoy. My dream is to have a no “no” space where you can literally go anywhere and touch anything that you want to without worry. In reality, that’s a bit of a stretch since our house is basically a hazard zone for a baby but it is a work in progress. 

For example, we moved all of the furniture out of the way so that you might enjoy more space to crawl around. 

Of course, the areas you are most enamoured with include; the air duct I the floor, the stairs, the electrical outlets and the dog food/bowl. You also enjoy rubbing your hands on the unfinished raw wood table legs, pulling yourself up on an unsteady rocking chair toy and eating dirt off the floor. 

Areas you don’t want to stay in are; padded, safe, full of toys. 


And it’s hard to really make your house baby friendly because what does that even mean? Is it just locking up shit that you could eat and become poisoned from or is it sanding our gorgeous table legs to prevent the inevitable splinters to come?

Plus it’s your house. You need to learn how to live in it. You will hopefully be here for a long time. I think there is some value in letting you safely test the boundaries of certain things. 

Mostly, we just want you to be happy and love the space you are in. Since we never take our eyes off you we want you to enjoy all the areas of the house and explore to your hearts content. 

I want that to be a thing you take with you from here on: to explore and to be curious and to look around you with wonder and awe. Right now the ducts are the best thing you can think of but one day I hope you have a million ducts and that you are afforded the chance to be close to them. 

In the meantime, I might block you off from the stairs but you are always free to climb!



A baby friendly space

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