Baby toys

July 5, 2016

Dear Baby,

As an adult there is nothing better than a box full of toys. I would say that the nature of a toy changes with age but even still, give me a tub of play dough and watch me make cool snakes like it’s my job.

One great perk of having a baby is that it is totally normal again to pay with Lego, to engage with sand and to build towers out of blocks. Let’s be honest. The toys you have aren’t really for you yet. 

And to really emphasize that point I give you an every day scenario: you sit on a mat surrounded by toys. There is Beatbo the light up talking robot, there is a light up activity station, a plush rattle and no less than 5 random wood figures surrounding you. You lunge for the best toy in the bunch, a piece of tree branch. 

A mini baby computer can take up all of .5 seconds of your time and attention but that branch… next level entertainment. It must be touched, bitten, examined and shaken. It must be thrown, poked, dropped and picked back up. 


No, the truth is that I totally love your inclination to interact with the world around you. To want to reach out and grab the things you see in nature (or lint, you know, whatever tickles your fancy.)

It would be silly to tell any new parent to not invest in all the toys that they inevitably will. It is the best!! Who gets to shop at Toys R Us as a 34 year old? This girl.

But what I will say, and let this be today’s lesson, is that sometimes the simple things are the best. We live in an age of digital wonder but often the most incredible thing we can see is the changing of leaves in the fall or the stillness of a lake in the morning. Toys and TV and computers are awesome but they can’t replace the beauty of the world around you.

So enjoy both and when in doubt, sand and mud are always a good idea. 

In the meantime, today you spent 20 plus minutes playing with a piece of paper towel so if you are looking for a way to entertain a baby, you are welcome. 



Baby toys

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