Being a Better Mama to my Baby

June 9, 2016

Dear Baby,

You don’t know this but last night after I put you to sleep I went out to meet a friend and we ran around the neighbourhood and specifically ran up and down flights of stairs in search of our 20-something year old asses. I’m sure that deep down, they are still there, right?

What’s great about working out with a friend is that I get to socialize and exercise which are the 2 pillars to me staying sane. Healthy mind and healthy body.

Baby, I love you, I really do but if I didn’t take some time to myself I would go FUCKING INSANE. After a day of entertaining you I need some me time and I am happy to say that as of late, I get a lot of it.

Whatever you do, parenting or otherwise I think that you need to take time out to do you. We all see those people who spend way to much time at their job, with their partner, being a mom and head towards burnout. The only way to stave off the inevitable crash and burn is to do you- even when you’d rather not. 

Last night I would have rather mopped a floor than gone out. I was tired, lazy, hungry, and really into a game of Two Dots but I dragged my sad flabby ass up and did it in spite of those things. Why? Because the alternative isn’t pretty. 

I truly believe that in order for me to function at my optimal self- for you and for me- I need the time to myself to engage and enjoy.

For the mind I need good conversation (like actual conversation that goes a it beyond my 9-5 Dadadadada- although I love that conversation too), to read, to engage with the Internet (ie. Read the news), to catch up with friends and get involved in their lives, to share stories about my life and get insights, to do nothing and just breath and to totally zone out to crappy tv (thank god for the Bachelorette). 

For the body I need to run and move, feel challenged and strong, to walk with my arms free, to sit and rest, to sleep, to shower, to eat delicious foods and to check in and make sure everything feels good. 

How could I be good to you if I wasn’t being good to me?

So Baby, I know that life can be really distracting and that anything can grab and steal your attention but know this: it’s always the right time to take care of yourself and nourish your mind and body.

You will be the best bersion of yourself if you take the time to be and forget the million reasons why you can’t. 

In the meantime, my ass is killing me today. Is that step one to buns of steel?



Being a Better Mama to my Baby

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