Baby on the Move

June 8, 2016

Dear Baby,

As I write this I am watching you move from one side of your crib to the other at lightening speed (you’re supposed to be napping BTW, so you might want to stop). You are laughing and moving and this has been your status quo for about a week. Moving and making noise.

It’s crazy because the movement started so gradually that I feel like you were just barely going from sitting to a crawl position to full out crawling all over the floor in a blink of an eye. Like I looked away for a second and you had mastered a whole new skill set. And boy do you love practicing! Your dad and I were all like, no need to baby proof our shit yet- WRONG. We need to bubble wrap and pad the fuck out of our house. Immediately. 

If there is a raw edge of wood, a stack of empty plastic Tupperware, a fucking speck of dirt on the ground we can rest assured that you will be touching it, climbing it or eating it. That’s just the kind of baby you are. Curious and determined. 

And more than just moving around you are set on learning how to stand up on anything that might (or for sure will not) hold you. Your new favourite game is to sit in front of me and use my hands to stand up and sit down. This has provided solid chunks of entertainment (which is an awesome game for when I am too tired to perform my usual repertoire of songs and games for you- stand up, sit down. Game of the century). 

The extra bonus is that you seem to just wear yourself right out from all this action so naps (minus right now) have been a total breeze. You are usually asleep before I can sneak out of your room. 

The best part, by far is how extremely proud you look every time you make a move or get up to your feet from sitting. You look like you have achieved something and you know it and enjoying your movement and sense of acomplishment is just incredible as your mom. 

And Baby, I have to say that I want you to always feel proud of things that you do. Crawling is SO HARD. You are working so hard to move your tiny little body around and then you do it! You should feel immensely satisfied and pleased. This should extend to anything you try to do. Trying is amazing and when you succeed in something you work hard for, you should be the first one to pat yourself on the back (I’ll be right behind you). 

As adults we often underplay our accomplishments. To be too proud is to be boastful or cocky but Baby, there is nothing wrong with being confident and enjoying your own accomplishments. No one else will ever give a fuck what you do (aside from your dad and I, obvi) so you may as well do it for you. 

In the meantime, going to go bubble wrap the legs of our wood table (kidding- or am I?)



Baby on the Move

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