Googling Baby Symptoms- Never a Good Idea

May 9, 2016

Dear Baby,

Yesterday morning your dad was around for breakfast time- which was awesome. It’s always fun for us to eat together as a family and for him to get to see how well you pincer the shit out of your eggs and toast. I get to see it all the time but it is truly formidable. 

Anyways, somehow he ended up touching your head and specifically your skull and felt your little fontanel. I have never noticed it before other than that it is there but he felt a depression and asked me about it.

Having no medical degree at all, I googled it and that is how we ended up at the doctors office yesterday. Google is a scary place and once you read the possible reasons that a baby’s fontanel might be depressed it is basically impossible not to go into full panic mode. 

The truth was that I felt pretty sure that everything was fine. I felt almost sure but when someone plants the seed of doubt, it’s so hard to be a hundo percent. In fact, it makes being sure a huge pressure because you certainly never want to be wrong- especially when your health is in question. 

The doctor have you a good check and determined that everything was fine with your little head. Relief. She was super helpful and told me things to look out of just in case.

In truth, I was super annoyed at your dad for being such a fucking hypochondriac BUT his worrying nature and obsession with health is his yin and yang. It makes him cautious and careful but also nuts. In the end, the blip in our day was a small price to pay to be able to reassure him that all is well. 

And that brings me to my lesson. Partnerships are a really big challenge- any kind. Business or pleasure. One thing I can say for sure is that if one partner feels something is urgent or needs attention, it is often a good idea to quell their needs versus fighting them on it. 

You may be all like, partner- you crazy but in the end you always err on the side of caution when possible so ya, don’t be annoyed about it. 

In the meantime, your dad is calm and all is well chez us again. 



Googling Baby Symptoms- Never a Good Idea

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