The Dreaded 8-Month Leap

May 9, 2016

Dear Baby,

Why is Wonder Weeks so damn accurate about you? I got the alert that we are up for another leap and lo and behold, you are acting like a total snake. 

Right now as I write this you are flinging yourself around your crib instead of napping. A sure sign that something is up for my otherwise great sleeping and usually tired at nap time baby. 

The problem with you is that you are SO even keeled that any deviation in your norm is a red flag that something is up and it is usually some kind of WW related thing.

Sometimes in the last your cry has changed, sometimes your overall “schedule” (whatever that means) and this time it’s your sleep. It has been so long since I had to put you to sleep. 

Prior to now you would get sleepy, read a book, get into your crib and just sick your thumb to sleep in minutes. It was actually silly how little effort it took. Naps or nights. Now, this past week there is a long period of awake time if I just put you down and otherwise I am sitting here rocking you to sleep before I transfer you over which never fucking works. 

I’m not going to say it’s a huge issue but right now instead of sleeping you are eating a rail of your crib so….

And that’s just the thing about you. There is no norm. Anything that is usual can become unusual in the span of a day and any routine that we loosely follow can change in a heartbeat. That’s just what babies are all about. Keeping you on your toes guessing what the fuck to do ALL THE TIME. 

I guess by the time you really figure T out as a parent, your kid is old and doesn’t need any of it. So that’s great. 

The lesson is this: don’t expect things to always go the same way. The second you get used to anything is the second it will all change. Babies, life. If you are lucky you will change a million times over. Change means growth and growth means learning and I hope that you aspire to grow and learn every day.

In the meantime, go the fuck to sleep.



The Dreaded 8-Month Leap

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