Baby Wearing

May 4, 2016

Dear Baby,

From the time you were very small to now when you are less small but still small I have been a huge advocate of wearing you. In the beginning it was about comfort and ease. Now it is about the experience. Always it has been about what I think must be the happiest place for you to chill. On me. 

When we first brought you home and you were the most precious cargo, I literally couldn’t put you down. Wearing you was the only way I could eat, move or perform any basic function while still carrying you. I wore you when you were fussy to cam you down, I wore you to sleep, I wore you to walk. You were on my person for a huge part of the first 3 months. 

Then, you got bigger and started sleeping. Gone were those manic nights of newborn ness when we would spend 6pm to 11pm keeping you from being a total snake. No more squats and bouncing and cluster feeding and carrying. You were a self sufficient lady doing your own thing. 

That’s when wearing you became less for function and more for fun. 

We wear you for walks, we wore you all through Israel, we wear you when we go for food. It’s all about letting you see the world and literally hang out in it. 

Sure, there is the comfort of your stroller. You lay nestled in plush padding and a blanket shielded from the sun and the vibrations of the pavement massaging your back. I don’t have a 12 pound weight hanging off of my body causing me to sweat like a fucking pig everywhere I walk to. And I get the handy stroller storage which means I can bring anything I want for the journey. 

But the look on your face as we walk down streets and you see and hear new things is well worth the price of admission. I would take a lifetime of backaches to watch you be so thrilled with the world around you. I am obsessed with how you hold out your tiny hands to feel the air around you and how you look around at everything taking it all in. 

The lesson is this: sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone to really experience new things. Comfort is great and there are days a plenty when I throw you into the bucket and we head out but staring at me and the scenery behind me isn’t quite the same as getting your own full perspective. 

Onviosuly not as comfortable as walking with nothing on you, wearing you is totally out of my physical comfort zone but, as I mentioned, THE BEST THING FOR YOU. EVER. 

And I think by now you must know that I do anything for you. 

But taking both of us out of our comfort zone has provided a new perspective and let us learn new things and I hope for a million more times that we can step out of the usual together and find excitement in the new and different. I hope you always do it with or without me to help you too. 

In the meantime, today looks like a shitty day and I have yet to find a solution for when it rains. Can we just have nice weather already??? Wtf. 



Baby Wearing

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