Keep Swinging, Baby

April 30, 2016

Dear Baby,

This weekend was great. Your dad and I went out on Friday night so Saturday morning was a bit slow (I have also been fighting a cold so I was even slower). 

We all went to the market, saw some friends, relaxed and then went to the park to play. Guess what? You went on your first swing ride! Guess what else? It was awesome!

By the time you read this you probably won’t have been in a playground for a while and days of carefree play will be memories. Before Saturday I can’t remember the last time I sat on a swing and played myself. It’s one of the many things we obsess over as kids and then forget as adults. Like Lite Brite and forts (slash can’t wait to build forts again).

Your tiny legs barely fit into the baby swing but we got you in and gave you a push and you just loved it. I mean, how could you not??? Swings are the best. 

You won’t remember doing it but I will never forget watching you do it. I’m sure that I was way more excited than you but I also sure that will change over time. 

It’s really such an awesome thing to watch you do things for the very first time. I have no doubt that we will be all over tons of playground equipment in our tie together and yet this was our first. Your first. 

So here is my lesson to you today. Don’t forget to play like a kid here and there. Your little blissed out face while swinging and the fun we had with you is bar- none. There is actually nothing on the planet like it. Fun for the sake of fun. 

Life gets super hard and complicated (also great and exciting) and you will feel weighted if you can’t let loose once in a while. Colour a picture, spend time on a puzzle, take a second to hop on a swing- do something to let go and free your mind. 

In the meantime, I’ll be counting down the seconds until we can do it again.



Keep Swinging, Baby

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