Biggie Small Baby

May 2, 2016

Dear Baby,

This morning we had another doctors appointment to check on your weight. So far you have been on the up and up (although nowhere near the curve, whatever that means) and so we were pretty optimistic about your weigh in. The mount of food you eat coupled with your tiny but yet chunky thighs (ug sorry. Who wants to hear about chunk thighs as an adult. No one. But as a baby I assure you they are great- oh and sorry about the cellulite gene. It came from me) are proof that you are growing. 

You love food so much that you try and eat everything. As I type this you are in your crib gnawing on a rail. You would eat that rail of you could. 

The appointment was another success and you are now a whopping 12.2 pounds. The smallest amount to weigh on the curve would be 12.8 so although you are wee, you are not too far off from being “normally” wee. 

To celebrate, we unpacked some of your 3-6 month clothes and packed up a few of your 0-3 month ones. Sure, you don’t quite fit into the new batch yet but the next size (3-6) begins around 12.5 pounds so I am feeling confident that you will fill those bottoms out sometime soon. 

What’s nice is that you got about 7 months of size 0. So to anyone who told me to stop buying clothing for you because you would just grow out of it, ha.

So the plan is to keep feeding you all the foods and watching you grow and thrive. 

Lesson: there is a solution to most problems. Giving you more food and a bit of formula turned a bad situation into a good one and now everybody is happy. When you come across something hard in life, try and find a few solutions and run with them. It can be hard work (or expensive grocery bills) but it is always worth getting to the root of a problem before it grows (or doesn’t grow, in your case). 

In the meantime, off to unpack today’s haul. Sweet potato pancakes here we come.



Biggie Small Baby

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