Passing off your Baby Gear

April 21, 2016

Dear Baby,

OMG. This week was home- purging bliss. One of my best friends is pregnant and needs gear and another has asked for her gear back and with that in a foul swoop (or three), I was able to get rid of bags of shit. It feels great. 

Passing your baby gear to another mama has a much different feeling than packing up your too-small baby gear. There is less nostalgia and more excitement about the new life that the stuff is getting because, let’s be for real- someone had to get use out of those once worn floral overalls and if it’s not you, Baby- let it be your friend to be. 

I packed up clothes that we are finished with, carriers that no longer carry you, diapers that you grew out of and toys that no longer get played with. I packed maternity tops that thankfully are too big on me now and a giant box of adult diapers for the more glamorous parts of the post pardem experience. 

It was great.

When I had you I had a few friends who generously packaged me up boxes of stuff to use and it is the fucking best. Who on earth wants to spend the money on crap that you outgrow in 5 seconds anyways. 

I am so happy to return the kind favour.

And here’s the lesson we can glean from this: always pass a good thing along. When a stranger smiles at you (in a friendly and totally non creepy way),  smile at someone else and pass on the happiness. When someone is there for you in a hard time, be their rock when they need you in kind and when a friend gives you a sweet ass tie dye dress for a baby that is so killer, make sure you pass on some awesome clothes to another. 

Karma is real so be kind and you will get kindness in return. Be generous and you will see generosity and be good- just because your mama raised you that way. I should know. 

In the meantime, your closets have never looked so good and empty. Bye bye bags of crap! Enjoy your new life. 



Passing off your Baby Gear

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